by Monica T. Rodriguez

She promised to never become an experiment.
But was SHE the experiment?
# Thriller
# Genetic Engineering
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How much of your life would you give up to avoid ending up a lab experiment? Justine Bernard is ready to give up everything. As a waitress in Manhattan, Justine carefully maintains an anonymous life to hide from those who would make her an experiment, until she breaks all her rules for NYPD Detective Quinn Duncan. When she steps out of the shadows and uses her telekinesis to stop a bullet meant for him, her life as she knows it falls apart and she's forced to run. From the scientist who wants her DNA to genetically engineer the future of war. And from Quinn, to keep him from discovering her secret. She flees to Philadelphia to track down the man who can give her a new identity. She finds a man with connections to her past and knowledge of her father she thought was lost. As she is ready to leave her life behind, with priceless information about her past within reach, she learns that Quinn has disappeared. Can Justine give up her new identity and the chance of a new life to risk everything? Can she face what she's run from all her life with herself as her only bargaining chip? For fans of Dean Koontz and Blake Crouch, this technothriller will keep you on the edge of your seat as Justine finds out whether there really are things worse than death.